Miss Sophie and Other Lives

This is a book of stories for you to read in your own free time for pleasure and diversion. You may choose to do this with members of a group in a class of adult education where you can talk about the stories together.

You may prefer to read by yourself in the evening in a cosy sitting-room, like some of the people you will "meet" in these pages. It is to be hoped that you will make new discoveries about the British, whose language you have learnt so far; about such persons as Henry VIII and his daughters Elizabeth, or the adopted Englishmen, George Frederick Handel and Johann Christian Bach. Miss Sophie is at last prepared to talk about her past and it's not the same procedure this time.

You may be surprised to meet a cat, a banknote and some pudding recipes. You can help Inspector Golding and Sergeant Byrd with their enquiries. You can sigh with the people who are in difficulty or in love.

Your English is good; enjoy it as you read this book, and as your story-teller I will be happy if sometimes you smile.